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"El Cactus" is the oldest of the new generation of recently opened restaurants in Real de Catorce. We have the pleasure to serve you since August 1994. We have always specialized in home-made crafted food. Here you will have the opportunity to taste Italian and Mexican dishes, originated from our grandmother`s most traditional and typical recipes and reproduced with dedication and love by our chef. You'll feel right at home, inside a warm and cozy ambiance. Our Italian cuisine specialties include: pasta, always hand-made, whether spaghetti, served with 4 different dressings, or the Bolognesa lasagna; the ravioli, stuffed with rabbit and goat or spinach and cottage cheese; and the baked pasta with mushrooms and fresh vegetables. If you want to try the real pizza, your palate will be totally satisfied by the crispiness and delicious ingredients you will be able to mix at your own pleasure. Cakes have always distinguish us from the competition due to its succulent flavor and the exclusivity of our recipes. Come to enjoy the now famous cheese-pie, or if you like fruit, we have 12 different kinds of organic marmalade and others from the region, which are used to prepare delicious recipes from the Italian bakery. The chocoroll will fill you with energy and love, while for the most demanding we suggest the carrot and almonds pie. When the cold is intense, then the nuts and chocolate pie will be the most suitable. But what to say about the apple-strudel, or the pasta frola cookies? If the gluttony is one of your accepted sins, then here you will find the way to enjoy it fully! Another delight is the whole-grain bread and the rye bread with sesame, linseed and sunflower seeds. In all of our recipes only the best and most selected products ares used, many of them imported from Italy, such as the extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, anchovies and many more. If you want to enjoy a good Italian wine, you will find it here and will also be able to choose from a wide selection. For the meat-lovers we have high-quality American beef: T-bone. Also, the broiled chicken with potatoes seasoned with rosemary. The Mexican cuisine is represented by a great variety of soups, all home-made and tasty. The hot "tortas" and the "molletes" are snacks you will never forget. And that's only some of what we do.Try the flavor and taste of our specialties,we ensure you'll become one of our clients and so have one more reason to return to Real de Catorce, pueblo of magic and fine dining.Would you like to take something typical from here to savor at home with your family or as a present for your friends? At El Cactus you can choose from a great production of preserves, elaborated with traditional and biological products, such as the "cabuches" (cacti buds from the red variety), 12 kinds of marmalades (fig, peach, blackberry, prune, quince...), bola, serrano, chipotle and morita chilis... Every time you visit us you'll find new surprises and new snacks to bite on. We appreciate in advance your preference, which will be abundantly rewarded with a delicious meal that will get you in a good mood and make you enjoy your visit to Real de Catorce in the best possible way. Enjoy!




El Cactus


El Cactus